Kang Daniel’s Side “LM, Did Not Seek His Consent To Transfer Right Of His Contract -> Received Down Payments A Dozen Of Times

Kang Daniel’s lawyer said “First of all, Kang Daniel has been repeatedly saying that he was sorry towards the fans and the citizens who gave him love and support.”

“On behalf of Kang Daniel, I will tell you the core content of this conflict to those who are interested in this situation in order to help with your understanding.”

“The essence of applying for a lawsuit for contract termination is due to LM Entertainment transferring Daniel’s rights to his exclusive contract to third parties without his consent.”

“Kang Daniel signed an exclusive contract with LM Entertainment on February 2nd, 2018 and it will be in effect as of February 2nd, 2019. LM Entertainment entered into a joint venture to transfer all rights to his contract to 3rd parties. For five years, all rights such as music production/ distribution rights, concerts/ overseas business rights and promotional activities will be granted to third parties. In return, LM Entertainment has confirmed to have received down payments dozens of times the full amount paid to Kang Daniel.”

“However, Kang Daniel has never heard any explanation about the joint venture from LM Entertainment and his consent was never given. He learned that the contract with third parties was concluded later in time and originally demanded for corrective actions.”

“Ultimately, he appealed to the court/law to deal with this matter as LM Entertainment did not give any positive answer.”

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1.[+2,093, -8] Let’s expose every detail about this trashy company and kick them out of the entertainment industry

2. [+1,671, -1] The company’s side said he breached the contract but it doesn’t apply since they acted outside of the realm of the exclusive contract and didn’t even notify Kang Daniel. They made a secret contract in his back and the company never had the intention of letting him know. It was all but a one sided pressure.

3. [+1,040, -6] As expected!! LM you frauds! So you’re media playing now that you sold Kang Daniel out?

4. [+546, -28] I support you <3

5. [+397. -1] It says that “they have concluded the joint venture with the 3rd parties and that LM Entertainment confirmed that they have received down payments from 3rd parties equals to dozens of times the full price paid to Kang Daniel.”

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