The average age of Kpop Idols Male Groups

(calculated according to foreign age, not calculated by Korean age)

Shinhwa 38.8
Super Junior 33.0
TVXQ 32.0
Big Bang 30.5

2PM 29.8
Highlight 28.5
Infinite 27.5
SHINee 27.4
Block B 27.0
EXO 26.4
BTOB 26.4
B1A4 26.3
VIXX 26.2

N.Flying 24.5
Teen Top 24.4
KNK 24.2
NU’EST 24.2
BTS 24.0
GOT7 23.4
Pentagon 23.1
iKON 22.7
SF9 22.3
NCT127 21.8
Astro 21.7
Golden Child 20.9
The Boyz 20.2
AB6IX 20.2

Verivery 19.3
Stray Kids 19.3
NCT Dream 18.0
TRCNG 17.9
TXT 17.6

original post: theqoo

1.They are much younger than I thought.

2. BTS and NU’EST are younger than I thought. Is it their 8th year or 7th year?

3. It has been a while since Teen Top debuted, but the average age is still young.

4. BTS debuted at a young age.

5. SHINee is still young

6. But iKON, NU’EST, BTS are younger than I thought

7. Big Hit has always debuted a group when they are young … BTS is still in the middle and TXT is the youngest …

8. This is Astro’s 4th year, but they are still very young.

9. And BTS are gangsters who are younger than their careers, they are gangsters of this era.

10. BTS has risen to world-class at a very young average age. NU’EST is also very young.

11. 7 years of BTS and their average age is only 24? It’s so scrary.