The basic reason why BTS became the special presidential envoy for culture to attend UN General Assembly

The members are all Korean

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1. Congratulations. I’m so proud that they are all Korean

2. I love Korean singer BTS~ ~ ~ I’m so proud of themㅠ

3. For real, seems like there aren’t many groups consisting of only Korean members nowadays..

4. As expected… BTS is amazing

5. I’m so proud of BTS!!!!

6. I’m glad they’re all Korean.. I feel like I can support them as much as I want

7. Other agencies should learn from this… ^^ Korean idols are so talented, why do they keep debuting foreign idols?

8. I hope there are more articles about this. BTS is amazing

9. Daebak.. As a Korean, I’m so proud of BTS!

10. A group consisting of only Korean members has conquered the world with their talents

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