BTS, was officially invited by the Beatles museum

The Beatles museum sent a special invitation to BTS

BTS is invited by The Beatles Story, an exhibition museum of the Beatles in Liverpool.

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1.[+728, -2] BTS is the best

2. [+620, -0] It’s great when Beatles officially invited BTS.

3. [+404, -1] Way to go. History. Nice. Bangtan.

4. [+303, -1] I’m proud of you!! Army’s pride. Our way to BTS is history. The best.

5. [+156, -0] BTS

6. [+55, -0] If Idol, from one of BIG3’s agencies appears in America, they will hang it on the main page for a week and talk about it all the time.

7. [+52, -0] Did you see the Empire State Building glowed purple?

8. [+48, -0] A series of good news! I have to watch American famous talk show, radio, concert in real time. The members are going to turn around and do live, tweet, post comments at the cafe. The Empire State Building lights up in purple for BTS and ARMYs. That’s really BTS, so sweet. I am happy with starting and ending with BTS for the day.

9. [+40, -0] In the U.K., the home of the Beatles, in the U.S., the home of pop music, BTS is comparable to the Beatles, but only in Korea, BTS seems to be treated worse. Why so? Why can’t we treat Korean artists who are promoting national prestige better?

10. [+38, -0] You see? The treatment of the Beatles and the United States for BTS. If you are Korean, be proud of the Korean singing of BTS.

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