The best hair color for idol group members

BTS Jimin – orange hair

NCT Jaemin – pink hair

Stray Kids Hyunjin – blonde hair

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon – blonde hair

BLACKPINK Rose – blonde hair

TXT Yeonjun – blue hair

ITZY Yuna – red hair

Red Velvet Joy – red hair

SHINee Taemin – purple hair

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1. Rose’s blonde hair was legendary~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I like Yeonjun with blue hair the most

3. I think GD also looks best with orange hair

4. Taeyeon’s blonde hair was legendary

5. Jimin looks perfect with orange hair..

6. Baekhyun with white hair!

7. BTS Jin with purple hair

8. Rose’s blonde hair and Joy’s red hair are the best

9. BTS V with blue hair

10. Why is there no Baekhyun with white hair?????

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