The Big Hit trainee that foreign fans asked him to learn morality before debuting

Because of the misogynistic lyrics, foreign fans are telling him to study morality before debuting

LEO is Australian, and he wrote all the lyrics

He said he wrote it, but it’s like plagiarism

original post: theqoo

1. His lyrics are really weird

2. If you’re going to debut in Korea, you shouldn’t use those words…

3. I don’t know about his skills or his looks, but he’s ruining his own image

4. It’s lyrics written by an idol trainee???????????? He’s crazy

5. Wow, I feel sorry for the fans of the members who will be in the same group as him

6. If it is posted by the company, is it marketing noise?

7. It’s surprising that it’s an official video of the company

8. It’s like the lyrics of Korean hip-hop rappers

9. One of the reasons foreign fans like K-pop is because of the lyrics.. He is ruining his image

10. I bet when he debuts, fans will shield him