The biggest mess created by ISAC

The biggest mess created by ISAC (Sana, Jimin)


The biggest mess created by ISAC (Sana, Jimin)


It almost makes you wonder if this isn’t ‘We Got Married’

The topic was [Idol you wish would be waiting for you at the finish line]

The female idols would pick male idols and male idols pick female idols….

They threw away this voting as soon as it was revealed because of the huge outcry

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1. [+169, -14] Don’t get rid of it. Is it because I’m not an idol fan? I find these so interesting and I’m actually curious to know

2. [+121, -3] This is seriously too TMIㅋㅋㅋ Just from the topic, they’re talking about some finishing line or whatnot, but we all know that the underlying topic is who you want to date. Of course the fans would hate it.

3. [+97, -16] It’s the same as the groups idols that other idol groups would want to be friends with this year

4. [+52, -83] But Jimin won first place?? A little unexpected

5. [+43, -4] One thing for sure, BTS and TWICE are the most popular among idols

6. [+37, -4] Don’t continue, the kids who have been chosen will be very difficult next time. This should only be done once

7. [+36, -12] Sana is realㅋㅋㅋ I’ve never seen a man hate her

8. [+26, -2] Jimin 35%..

9. [+23, -10] Why do fans hate this? Why do fans not like idols dating?

10. [+20, -10] Sana has a charm that attracts people. All her actions are adorable

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