The center members of boy groups

BTS Jungkook


Wanna One Kang Daniel

SF9 Rowoon

NCT Taeyong

TXT Beomgyu

Victon Lim Sejun

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1. [+447, -137] It’s true that Wanna One has been disbanded and Kang Daniel goes solo now, but the truth is that Wanna One is amazing enough to be mentioned in many media and broadcast even after being disbanded? Wanna One center is forever

2. [+330, -115] Taeyong

3. [+208, -36] There’s a reason why they are the center members. That’s their visuals and skills

4. [+149, -38] The center of EXO is Kai..

5. [+141, -21] I personally feel most stable when Jeon Jungkook is the center, J-Hope is left and V is right