The changing history of BTS’ Hanbok in 6 years

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1. [+240, -10] Have a nice Chuseok, everyone. Jungkook, take care of your health and make a lot of happy memories during your vacation.

2. [+148, -0] Have a nice Chuseok, everyone.

3. [+110, -5] Jimin wearing hanbok looks really goodㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope Bangtan comes back after a healing time

4. [+86, -4] Have a happy time with your family on holidays, BTS~ ~ Jungkook is really handsome.

5. [+58, -4] BTS, Jungkook, have a great Chuseok!! Always happy

6. [+15, -1] Better than the Foreign Ministry. BTS’s role in promoting Korean culture is truly amazing

7. [+12, -0] BTS, 7 flowers please be happy

8. [+10, -1] BTS wearing Hanbok really looks better than the idols sponsored by expensive brands, BTS looks even more cool and luxurious. Have a good vacation, everyone. Namjoon, happy birthday!

9. [+8, -0] BTS’s hanbok looks great on them. I hope Jimin will eat a lot of good food and rest well.

10. [+8, -1] Jungkook, I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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