“I’m also a fan of Jimin” Foreign famous YouTube will be evidence for global popularity

The charm of BTS Jimin, even the most famous YouTubers loves him

Manny Buy, a famous American makeup artist, recently described on his personal Twitter account as ‘sexy’ to Jimin. Then he said that he was impressed by Jimin’s beautiful appearance.

In addition, PewDiePie, the most famous Youtuber in the world, with 94.8 million registered users. After uploading Jimin‘s dimples in his SNS account, “Look at Jimin‘s precious dimple.”

Luisito Comunica of Mexico, whose 23.3 million people registered, said in his Twitter account that “Jimin is my favorite member of the boy band BTS“, he said.

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1.[+623, -16] I am so proud of BTS. I will always support you.

2. [+360, -7] Jimin who is attractive to all ages both male and female~ Wow~ BTS Jimin is charismatic to global men and of course women cann’t escape him.

3. [+322, -21] I love you, Park Jimin. You are my cat.

4. [+243, -7] I’m so proud of myself as I move to the world of BTS Jimin. Thank you and I love you.

5. [+228, -3] Jimin’s charm is spreading around the world. Everyone in the world knows.

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