China embassy “We have never banned BTS goods. The Korean statements are false… We have to play constructive role in China-Korea relations”

Chinese Embassy officials have denied any ban on BTS merchandise.

Last week, Chinese customs were reported to be blocking BTS merchandise due to an alleged pro-Hong Kong message, Chinese logistics companies were said to have stopped delivering goods featuring the Big Hit Entertainment group. The allegations have caused a stir among BTS fans and Chinese netizens, and the officials from the Chinese Embassy to South Korea have now denied reports of a ban on imports of BTS goods to China.

Official Jang Ha Sung announced on October 21 that he began speaking about the issue with high-ranking Chinese officials after the rumored ban made headlines. He’s now confirmed there’s no official ban imposed against BTS merchandise, and Jang Ha Sung stated Chinese shipping companies have not stopped delivering BTS goods.

A China-Korea goods export and import service company that previously stated they would not deliver BTS goods has now deleted their post as well. cr

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1. Let’s pretend we don’t know, leave our kids alone

2. JTBC is so weird, why are you doing that to BTS?

3. Leave BTS alone

4. JTBC is really bad

5. The Korean media and netizens are crazier than the media than China, fabricated and bullsh*t

6. JTBC should apologize for giving false information regarding BTS. Whether China or JTBC, please leave BTS alone

7. To be honest, I don’t believe in Korean media, but I also can’t believe
what the Chinese say…. Because both are bad

8. There was a time when Chinese travel agencies were banned from selling Korean tourism productsㅋㅋ What are you pretending?

9. No, I really don’t believe in anyone, so leave BTS alone…

10. I can’t believe in China or JTBC, but I guess JTBC was wrong because Chinese fans are getting BTS merchandise

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