The Chinese government can prevent the import of BTS products and expand to other celebrities..

More Chinese logistics companies are refusing to ship items related to BTS. Following China’s fifth-largest logistics company Yunda Express, two more large logistics companies such as YTO Express and ZTO Express have reportedly announced the delivery suspension.

Amidst this, suspicions have arisen that the General Administration of Customs of China was involved in the process of rejecting BTS products by Chinese courier companies.

Recently, three major Chinese courier companies, YTO Express, ZTO Express, and Yunda Express, all stated they have stopped shipping BTS-related products. Some speculated that the Chinese courier companies were conscious of the public opinion in China following BTS’s remark on the ‘6.25 Korean War’ and might have launched their own boycott.

However, according to Weibo, it seems that the General Administration of Customs in China was blocking the import of BTS-related goods, not the logistics companies. It was found that the General Administration of Customs of China strengthened its management and supervision of Korean products that are not related to BTS. cr

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1. Well, then BTS couldn’t even set a new record?

2. China is crazyㅋㅋㅋ

3. That’s why I don’t like K-Pop entering the Chinese market, and I really hate Chinese idols..

4. That’s why we always get sick of our stupid neighbors

5. K-Pop is becoming more and more popular. K-Pop broke into the US market and topped the Billboard charts. Of course it’s unsightly for the Chinese people, so China is doing this because they’re just jealous of us

6. Chinese ARMYs fighting……

7. No, they didn’t even mention China, so what’s the problem?

8. Korea should do the same with China

9. I think BTS is just an excuse for them to do what they want, but it’s a country that is crazier than I thought

10. China seems to want to live in isolationㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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