The company that people think of when it comes to “Girl Group Master”

original post: theqoo

1. Looking at JYP’s girl groups, I think it’s JYP

2. SM is the idol master..? But the girl group master is JYP

3. If you think of girl groups’ popularity, it seems to be JYP

4. I think it’s SM, they have SNSD as the best girl group of all time

5. SES, The Grace, Girls’ Generation, F(x), Red Velvet VS Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY, NiziU. Personally, I think it’s SM

6. JYP… Because JYP’s girl groups are all very successful

7. It’s JYP.. Wonder Girls, Miss A, and TWICE are too strong

8. When I think of girl groups, I only think of SNSD

9. Honestly, it’s JYP

10. I always thought it was SM, but there were too many comments saying it was JYP

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