The Concrete Reason Why Kang Daniel’s Case Is Unfortunate

The Concrete Reason Why Kang Daniel's Case Is Unfortunate

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1.The domestic entertainment industry is like Hollywood which is a highly competitive place. You need to have your alliances if you want to win because the land is extremely narrow and not a lot of people can stand on it.

ex 1) Even if idol company A and B look like competitors, they are actually exchanging their debut and contract informations as well as their staffs and trainees

ex 2) Even if an actor company A and B are accusing each other on the tabloids, they are under the same owners

2. Even if the contract is terminated and the transfer is requested, it is normal that the transfer ends up being impossible if the company does not allow it. The transfer will then get buried and the artist’s promotions will be affected and halted. So celebrities will be forced to renew their contract against their will without any money down.

ex 1) Top actor A transferred to another company after normal termination of contract but the content of his phone and all the information about his private life will be opened to the public. Many advertising deals that were in progress will be terminated due to image damage, etc. He will also have to pay hundreds of millions of won due to violation of advertisement contract.

ex 2) Top star B whose contract has expired transferred companies. At the same time, all his dating pictures, etc were revealed to the public which damaged his image.

3. If the terms of the contract aren’t fulfilled properly, the victim (the celebrity) may be liable to the suspect (the company). If this really happens, the entertainment world will become like a market. And like I said before, he will not return to a place with wide opportunities, but a competitive neighbor-like place and will have to wage war to come back.

ex 1) Top actor A who was treated unfairly by his company requested a termination of his contract through legal bodies and his contract was terminated. However, he was not allowed back to the entertainment industry for years because he was banned from acting for ‘breaching his contract’, or for ‘offense’, etc.

ex 2) Idol B requested to terminate his contract after not getting paid. However, his request was rejected so he had to contact legal bodies. And because of his lawsuit involving both him and the company, he couldn’t come back to the entertainment industry.

4. Many celebrities try to set up a 1-person company by getting investment from investors due to the unfair treatment in the entertainment industry. However, everything in the entertainment industry is related such as broadcasting industry, media industry, movie industry, music industry, advertising industry, etc. So paralyzed by the interconnections, it makes individual activities impossible.

ex 1) Top celebrity A has gathered investors in order to work in a more transparent business. However, he is restricted to promote in many industries. So he couldn’t stand for more than 1 year before closing down his 1-person agency.

ex 2) A 1-person agency isn’t the same thing as an independent company which can be potentially connected to an entertainment label. Hence, a 1-person agency won’t survive in our country.

Kang Daniel’s case corresponds roughly to point 3 and 4
Kang Daniel is so innocent and he has nothing else than his fandom. He’s a rookie so his handicap would be point 3.

1.The agency promised full support and Kang Daniel gave them his full trust and went with the contract extension and the transfer at the same time.

2. Unlike what was promised, he was unfairly treated and demanded for a modification of the contract terms, but was treated as if he was invisible. At the same time, the company halted his activities, neglected his fandom and confiscated his SNS.

3. No one was willing to hear him out and without any help, he decided to release a proof of content.

4. Daniel, with the help of the celebrities around him, did like the celebrities above and started looking for investors. He must have been planning for a 1-person agency. He must have wanted to have stable promotions rather than big success so he didn’t go with a big-sized company.

5. Of course, he did nothing wrong and probably expected that if he legally opened a press conference to explain his position, the company would be exposed and would pay for their wrongdoings. But the content of the news about him took him by surprise and he was shocked by the company who used to be close to him betraying him like that.

6. The company also shut down all communications between him and the fans. He had no other options that to write an ambiguous post on the fancafe since his company is overseeing everything. If he exposed everything, the company would’ve deleted his post.

7. So he opened his personal Instagram because he wanted to let the fans know. He told the fans that the news about him weren’t true and to not be hurt.

8. But the opposition’s speed was much faster than Kang Daniel’s so they tarnished Kang Daniel’s image in various communities and random rumors about him started coming out in twice the amount. The rumors about him went viral just with 1 click.

9. The rumors that went viral were distorted like they were truth with pictures that look like they were supporting evidences to distract the public’s attention.

The Concrete Reason Why Kang Daniel's Case Is Unfortunate
The Concrete Reason Why Kang Daniel's Case Is Unfortunate

10. Right now, Kang Daniel is caught in the entertainment industry and it’s as if he was buried alive. Investors who are now aware of his situation are all starting to wash their hands clean off this situation.

11. Unfortunately, the only way to survive is to cover up all the injustice but there are so many viral rumors and news about him and his promotions were also halted.

12. But there is hope since Kang Daniel’s fandom is huge. If his fandom is able to maintain its size, no matter the relationship between big agencies and the entertainment industry and the investors, we can’t ignore the strength of Kang Daniel and his fans.

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1.[+368, -19] Right now, the female and male galleries are spreading rumors about him seeing a female investor in HK but it turned out that she was just an event organizer and she takes lots of pictures with various singers. The people spreading the rumors only uploaded pictures of her with Kang Daniel, Seungri and Yang Hyunsuk and are trying to start some conspiracy theories. To be honest, the picture with Kang Daniel was taken when he was promoting with Wanna One so that’s possible. Seriously, people are doing him so dirty

2. [+363, -15] The people in his company are always so ungrateful. They neglected for 2 years when he was training in their basement. When he won #1 on P101, they randomly started talking about fidelity and wrote a bunch of articles about his loyalty. So if he ended up not renewing his contract, he would be in trouble. After they disbanded, they said that they would wholeheartedly work on his promotions so he renewed but they did nothing. Meanwhile, Daniel wanted to do everything legally but then they decided to release fake news about him. Talk about being ungrateful.

3. [+324, -16] Right now, his company are commenting at double the amount, what are you doing here? You are monitoring all the communities and the public sentiment towards him no? Stop making a fuss and please get out. The things that the fans are saying isn’t even a tenth of what the company did, so just wait for it

4. [+117, -1] To be honest, shouldn’t his company get investigated? They went from being MMO to LM. They never wrote anywhere that LM was a subsidiary to CJ. If you search their company up, it looks even smaller than a normal company. They probably have 100 M won in capital. Just what kind of company is that?

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