“Inkigayo is harder than Billboard chart”… BTS Fandom, Doubt about the method of ranking songs of ‘Inkigayo’

The controversy about BTS was not nominated for 1st place on 'Inkigayo' recently

BTS fans complaints were due to BTS’s title track “Boy With Luv” not appearing on the chart.

According to BTS fans, “Inkigayo” previously revealed that the time period used to determine rankings was the week starting from the Monday two weeks prior to the broadcast until the Monday one week prior to the broadcast. Because the most recent episode aired on April 21, the rankings should have been determined using data from April 8 to 15. As BTS’s new album was released on April 12, the album’s performance from April 13 to 15 should have been reflected on the charts.

In response to these criticisms, a source from SBS stated, “Last week’s rankings came out the way they did because there was a difference between the data-gathering period and the period of [BTS’s] promotions. I believe the rankings came out as they did because there are many different detailed criteria for the rankings.” On calculating the rankings, the source added, “Other places also do not reveal their detailed criteria for calculating [the rankings], not only ‘Inkigayo.’”


The controversy about BTS was not nominated for 1st place on 'Inkigayo' recently

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1.[+1361, -15] BTS is very popular these days, so this becomes a hot issue. How many singers have lost the top position this way?

2. [+968, -5] Singers released at midnight on Friday are also counted, and singers released at 6 pm on Sunday are also counted as one day, but only BTS released at 6 pm on Friday was excluded! If BTS is counted, it is not unreasonable, it is ridiculous to arbitrarily ignore achievements in 3.5 days.

3. [+724, -2] The problem is not that BTS does not win first place, but that BTS is not counted. SBS Inkigayo, although the time is within the aggregate period, as stated in the notice.

4. [+595, -4] “Inkigayo” is like a joke. I hope it will be abolished. It is a disgrace to the country. It’s funny when overseas fans look at it

5. [+561, -5] Idol appeared a week earlier than BTS on Wednesday last week. Although the score is zero because the album (10%) has not been released. On the other hand, BTS is superior in all aspects, but not in the top 30? Total score of 1.8 million albums + 100 million views of MV + vote point + live sms voting. What is the complex scoring method? Please check and report again. Overseas fans are waiting!

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