The current situation of BTS’ stylist’s Instagram

Fans pointed out Jin’s ill-fitting suit and Suga’s wrinkled pants that were not flattering at all

original post: theqoo

1. There was a lot of talk among BTS fans saying they didn’t like their outfits. BTS is an idol group, but their outfits make them look old!

2. Not only the clothes but the hairstyles look bad too

3. Can you ask another designer to dress the boys if you can’t? I can’t understand the wrinkled fashion…

4. Seokjin had mentioned so many times that he wants to wear something that fits his body well. Isn’t it a problem if you only take your own opinion? Please take his opinion into consideration

5. Jin looked as if he was wearing his father’s clothes

6. This time Jin’s outfits are really bad, no matter how handsome they are, I think the stylist’s duty is to always pay attention to the style of the outfits and make them stand out

7. Where does Big Hit spend? I hope they change the coordi, please

8. Please change the coordi

9. All the outfits on stage are fine, but the outfits on Time magazine are a bit bad

10. To be honest, he’s so handsome that I can’t see his clothesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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