Wanna One, winner of the Produce last season

The current situation of each Wanna One member

Yoon Ji Sung – Enlisted on May 14. (+ Music activities and release of a special album before)

Ha Sung Woon – solo debut in February

Hwang Minhyun – Return to NU’EST. Released full album after three years on April 29 and is active.

Ong Seong Woo – The lead in JTBC’s ’18 Moments’. A few days ago, he participated in the BaekSang Arts awards

Kim Jaehwan – Beginning personal activities, Immortal Song 400th

Kang Daniel – Temporarily stop entertainment activities, legal disputes with LM.

Park Ji Hoon – Released solo album in March. Recently, chosen as new brand model for Pizza brand ‘Pizza Etang’ (+ lead role in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”)

Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi – will be debuting in AB6IX on May 22. Appears on Produce X 101 today.

Bae Jin Young – Release a solo album on April 26. He will debut as a five-member group in the second half of the year

Lai Kuan Lin – works with Yoo Sun Ho. Asia Fanmeeting will be held soon (+ debuts as a Chinese drama star)

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1.I think Kang Daniel will be the best.

2. Kang Daniel really … I’m too bored about this time

3. Who knows Kang Daniel will be like this …

4. I want to see Kang Daniel’s stage.

5. Kang Daniel, I want to see you on stage quickly

6. Park Ji-hoon has 5 ads and appeared in the movie in September.

7. Goodbye Yoon Ji-Sung enlisted and Kang Daniel is a little sad …

8. The details of each member’s current situation vary greatly.

9. Kang Daniel will be fine.

10. But is this what your agency needs to do well? It depends on the ability of the agency.

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