The current situation of NCT’s albums that even fans consider them trash

Earth, I’m sorry

original post: theqoo

1. NCT fans again? This fandom is really the worst, disgusting

2. They criticize sajaegi while they buy albums and treat them like trash.. This is ridiculous

3. This is why their album sales are pointless

4. Not only NCT fans but fans of other groups do it too

5. This group has always been known only through controversies

6. I’m not surprised anymore.. That group, and their fans are always controversial

7. But why don’t they share them with those around them? Even if I’m not a fan, I think I’ll like it

8. Well… NCT’s fandom is the worst fandom I’ve ever seen

9. I wish they only sold photocards instead of albums

10. There’s a reason why NCT sells millions of copies