The debut song of the girl group has the best impact

Wonder Girls – Irony

Girls Generation (SNSD) – Into The New World

After School – Ah

2NE1 – Fire


Miss A – Bad girl good girl

Apink – I don’t know

Red Velvet – Happiness

TWICE – Like Ooh Aah



original post: theqoo

1.Miss A and 2NE1!!

2. I still remember their debut stage

3. I don’t really expect kids, but LATATA has reversed it all.

4. The debut song legend is Bad girl good girl.

5. I thought immediately about “Fire” when I saw the title.

6. Why don’t I have 4Minute ??????????????? Hot Issue

7. I saw the title and thought it was Bad girl good girl

8. BLACKPINK – Whistle

9. Legendary debut song is Bad girl good girl

10. Bad girl good girl > Fire > Whistle

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