The drama ‘Youth’ which is based on the BTS universe will postpone filming until early next year

It has been reported that the drama ‘Youth’ based on the BTS-Universe from the boy group’s ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ album series, will postpone filming until next year.

It has been confirmed that the drama suspended the filming in late October of this year. Co-producers Chorokbaem Media and Big Hit Entertainment explained, “The filming was suspended in the process of adjusting the names of the characters in the narrative story based on the BTS- universe. We will resume filming after adjusting the matter.”

The filming was scheduled to resume last month but was postponed to this month. However, the filming was not able to resume even by the year-end, therefore, the company decided to resume filming in January of next year. cr

original post: theqoo

1. I really hate it… Just cancel this drama

2. Don’t do anything and just cancel the drama^^

3. Big Hit is crazy. Why did you use the real names of the members?

4. I don’t believe what they sayㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just cancel the drama

5. It’s best to cancel the drama, but I don’t think Big Hit will stop, so don’t use the real names of the members and don’t promote the drama as BTS story

6. Don’t continue! Please stop

7. Even if you don’t use the real names of the members, the problem is that each character in the movie reminds viewers of a particular member

8. This is the drama for the fans, but it’s crazy that all the fans are against it..

9. We should boycott the drama

10. Don’t believe until Big Hit announces that they will not use the real names of the members

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