The dresses that Jennie wore that “I want to buy” and “I will wear”

The dresses that BLACKPINK Jennie wore that "I want to buy" and "I will wear"

I think I can wear these dresses comfortably

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1. Jennie’s style is really good. But the dress looks good because Jennie wear it.

2. But I have no money

3. I want to buy all but the price is not too good.

4. All dresses are designed very well, but Jennie looks so nice.

5. I have no money, so I can’t buy it. Jennie looks great when she wears it, so I want to buy it all.

6. Nice dresses but money …..

7. Jennie looks so good in those dresses but I don’t think it will suit me.

8. These dresses are not my hobby, but Jennie is pretty, cute and it suits her.

9. I don’t think I look good if I wear it. But because Jennie wore it so I would buy it.

10. Because it’s Jennie

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