The face of the manager behind BTS’s car incident

This is the manager who dated his girlfriend in BTS’ car

This is their new manager and he’s appearing like that in journalists pictures

The face of the manager behind BTS's car incident

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1. [+916, -5] He wants to be a celebrity, but he couldn’t do it in any way. He’s just an attention seeker

2. [+701, -6] Instead of protecting BTS, he tries to make himself look handsome for pictures

3. [+517, -59] He dated the wrong woman, so he will be jobless soonㅋㅋ

4. [+271, -368] He’s more handsome than RM

5. [+239, -1] The reason why he’s not wearing a mask is because he wants his face to appear in articlesㅋ He looks like Shin Junghwan

6. [+215, -0] He’s so excited about the camera

7. [+178, -0] Why isn’t he wearing a mask? Is he even a manager?

8. [+121, -1] The man made his Instagram private but the girl is still keeping it publicㅋ She’s still updating her Instagram ㅠ So brainless

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