Fact about NCT

They’re handsome.
It’s a fact, and I don’t accept any other opinions.

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1.What a blessing to my eyes..

2. Whoa.. This group has a lot of visuals.. What’s going on..

3. Protect NCT at all costs!~

4. My eyes are purified..

5. Oh Gosh.. Protect my boys at all costsㅠㅠ

6. OP-ya, you should’ve put a warning in the beginning.. My heart seriously almost stopped beating as I scroll down this post…

7. Hul.. Who is the guy in the last gif..?
ㄴXiao Jun

8. Protect NCT at all costs!!! My boys are the best..

9. Who are the guy after Haechan and Jungwoo..?
ㄴThe one after Haechan is Hendery, and the one after Jungwoo is Yang Yang. They are the new members who SM recently added to the group on the beginning of this year!!

10. Now this is what you call country..

11. Whoa.. Seriously, though.. Where did SM find these handsome guys..?

12. Whoa.. How many of them are there..?

13. Look at their visuals.. The 21 of them are really handsome~~

14. Who is the guy before Taeil..? It’s not Ten, is it..?
ㄴHis name is Hendery!

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