The Fair Trade Commission concluded that BTS Jungkook did not violate the advertising law

The Fair Trade Commission decided not to conduct an investigation for the complaint regarding Jungkook’s under-the-table allegation

original post: theqoo

1. Should the person filing the complaint be punished?

2. Well, celebrities, especially well-liked celebrities, must be so tired

3. I wish there was a punishment for antis who intentionally harm celebrities

4. Don’t hate and curse others, just live your life well~~

5. Leave Jungkook alone

6. It’s a very natural result

7. It would be great if Jungkook sued that person for defamation. HYBE, please sue them

8. Seriously, the Fair Trade Commission doesn’t seem to mind about it

9. Seems like a lot of people are jealous of BTS

10. I wish HYBE sued these idiots