The famous music awards worry about BTS’ presence

The famous music awards worry about BTS' presence

BTS will not be able to attend many of the awards ceremonies in Korea because of the large number of overseas schedules.Some are even saying that BTS and Big Hit have already decided to attend only a few awards ceremonies which are considered to be major-level

In addition, BTS‘ powerful fandom is a factor that completes the awards ceremony. From the host’s prespective, BTS is the best box office guarantee for their events. If they attend the ceremony and perform, the excitement of the audience will reach its peak.

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1. [+400, -0] There are too many awards ceremonies, which is a problem. I wish we could abolish it and leave only three prestigious and fair awards ceremonies.

2. [+211, -1] It’s not unusual for BTS to win all the awards in the upcoming awards ceremonies.

3. [+150, -0] Please close the useless awards ceremony. There are so many awards ceremonies in Korea. Singers are hard, fans tired. Let’s do some important awards ceremony.

4. [+84, -0] There are too many awards ceremonies …. that’s a problem.

5. [+36, -0] As well as useless awards ceremonies, SBS music awards and MBC music awards this year should not be held. As you know, SBS’s Inkigayo in the first half missed BTS rankings that the producers could not explain. MBC also treated badly with BTS last year.

6. [+33, -2] Let’s skip the award ceremony that insulted you for pushing some f*cking group last year.

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