But in reality, the fanwar between EXO-L and ARMY

It’s safe to say that it’s over? Nowadays, both of the fandoms don’t really care about each other. Instead, they’re trying to get rid of trolls and sometimes, I even see posts praising each other.

The two fandoms have gone their separate ways and when something bad happens, they help each other.

Seriously, now they have their own separate enemies

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1. [+765, -3] First of all, the real enemy of ARMYs is the coordi

2. [+438, -4] They have their own separate enemies, this touched my heart

3. [+313, -13] To be honest, it was better when we used to fight with EXO fan;; Our results were similar so I could feel the competition. But, if you look at the other fandoms nowadays, I wonder why were they touching us? It’s not like we’re competing with them. That is annoying

4. [+202, -10] Seriously, the enemies of ARMYs are everywhere. Even if we were just standing still, people would harass us every day

5. [+168, -0] That’s why the fanwar is meaningles.. When times passes by, we won’t care about each other anymore

6. [+67, -1] To be honest, there are a lot of people who pretend to be EXO-L and try to bash BTS

7. [+53, -109] ARMYs have a lot of enemies

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