The final ranking of 3rd generation idols

Male Idols

The final winner

#2 EXO
#3 Seventeen

Female Idols

The final winner


#3 Red Velvet

original post: pann

1. [+316, -530] The final winner of the 3rd generation female idols is TWICE – voteup / BLACKPINK – votedown

2. [+294, -49] I think people will agree with male idols, but people will be divided over female idols

3. [+188, -88] The female idols representing their generation all received Daesangs. For the 1st generation it was Fin.K.L, for the 2nd generation it was SNSD, for the 3rd generation, the only girl group that received Daesang was TWICE. There are a lot of other types of Daesang, but the fact that they received Daesang at MAMA for 3 years in a row is legendary

4. [+108, -51] No matter how you look at female idols, it’s BLACKPINK

5. [+106, -4] BTS-EXO-Seventeen is right, but the difference between Seventeen and BTS-EXO is too big