The first members to be revealed by SM shows the company’s confidence

Girls’ Generation Yoona

F(x) Sulli


Red Velvet Seulgi

NCT Mark

Aespa Winter

The rookies are Taeyong, Jeno, and Seulgi

original post: theqoo

1. I wonder who the first EXO member was, but it was Kai. It’s like the identity of the group

2. The first time I saw Yoona, there were a lot of pretty celebrities, but it was the first time I saw a woman who looked like an innocent cartoon character like Yoona, so I fell in love with her

3. I became a fan of F(x) because of that picture of Sulli

4. Yoona is a legend

5. Seeing the first member of a rookie group by SM has always raised my anticipation for their debut!

6. When Taeyong was first revealed for SM Rookies, I knew that SM would have a bright future

7. I admit it, they are ace members

8. Seulgi certainly has a unique face

9. They are all ace members, except for Jeno

10. Yoona and Sulli’s influence is amazing

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