The biggest first week sales fight among girl groups right now

The first week sales battle between TWICE and BLACKPINK right now

original post: theqoo

1.I’m another group’s fan but TWICE are getting bullied right now, so I’m supportin them

2. BLACKPINK doesn’t even hold a fansign yet they’re selling well

3. In April, 1st place has changed three times.

4. The competition is so strong this time, BLACKPINK are selling quite well physically

5. If IZ*ONE comeback right now in the summer, I think they will sell more than 150K copies.

6. TWICE fighting, as another group’s fan, I support you guys

7. TWICE is amazing, but BLACKPINK is also amazing for having no fansign

8. Both are great

9. I think TWICE will win this match

10. It will be reflected in future sales in Japan, so the number will be even bigger.

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