The gifts that NCT Haechan received from his members yesterday

iPhone SE2 Red from Mark

Burberry wallet from Doyoung

iPad 4 Pr from Taeyong

Stone Island bucket hat from Jungwoo

Johnny gave him Balenciaga Speed Runners
Jaehyun gave him Suicoke sandals

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1. [+225, -7] Taeyong spent 1.8 million wonn on a birthday gift..,,????? F*cking awesome,,,,

2. [+187, -10] It’s so cute how iPad background is Taeyong

3. [+186, -8] NCT 127 kids usually spend a lot of money on birthday gifts?… Really impressive

4. [+141, -0] Everyone is taking care of him because Haechan was having a hard time for 3 monthsㅜㅜㅜ This is so nice,, From an iPad, to iPhone, to Speed Runners, to Burberry wallet,,

5. [+119, -1] It’s true that NCT 127 kids usually spend a lot for birthdays but they especially spent a lot this time… Haechan promoted nonstop, he couldn’t even rest…ㅜㅜ

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