Apart from your bias, which idol’s concert would you like to attend?

I’d like to go to WINNER and SHINee concerts. These days, I think about going to BTS concert because it seemsso fun

My bias is BIGBANG and it’s great to see comments about them

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1. [+343, -18] BIGBANG, BTS, BLACKPINK, IU

2. [+306, -13] I want to go to BIGBANG and BTS concerts

3. [+110, -14] BIGBANG.. Even if you’re not a fan, you know all their songsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+103, -7] DAY6 and Seventeen, especially I want to hear them sing ‘Time of Our Life’ and ‘Run to You’ live

5. [+97, -5] IU and BTS.. I watched a lot of videos about IU’s concerts and I like a lot of her songs so I want to go. The scale of BTS concerts is huge, they have event zones and I want to see their drone show

6. [+78, -5] Not my bias but I want to go to YG’s family concert

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