The largest stadium in Russia will shine purple for Jimin’s birthday

Luzhniki Stadium, the largest stadium in Russia and the venue for the 2018 World Cup final

It’s hard to make it a reality. Let’s look at the scale

original post: theqoo

1. Jimin’s birthday is a worldwide festival

2. Jimin’s class is different

3. The scale is amazing

4. It’s Russia, Jimin is amazing, thank you Russian fans, you guys are amazing too

5. It’s like a giant beanie, it’s so pretty

6. Wow.. I hope BTS will be performing here next time

7. The Russian ARMYs did it, right? I hope BTS will do a tour in Russia next time

8. Well, BTS is also so popular in Russia

9. October is Jimin’s world

10. Is this what Jimin’s Russian fans did? Jimin’s birthday is seriously a worldwide festival