The life of PRISTIN Park Si-yeon, who spent half of her life as a trainee

After School – Bang MV

Stand on a special stage ..

Orange Caramel – Aing MV

She started practicing 9 years when she was a trainee from 9 years old and debuted.
2 years of activity (Actual activity is about half a year)

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1.Wow .. She was ruined youth

2. She is so beautiful … I hope she gets better at another agency.

3. I also like Park Si-yeon from Produce

4. She is not only beautiful, but also has skills.

5. She has a beautiful face and talent.

6. That child is … the conscience of the boss ..

7. How did they treat such a child …

8. Activity time is too short compared to the time of trainee

9. Xiyeon is still young and talented, so she will be good.

10. I’m glad she’s leaving now

11. It’s hard to become a celebrity. Everyone likes to see a successful artist. She also wants to be like that.

12. Please debut again in a good agency.

13. Han Seongsoo is a real loser

14. I don’t know Pristin, but I know her.

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