The manager of BTS’s official Instagram account seems to have made a mistake

original post: theqoo

1. The only company where employees cause trouble for the artists, not the other way around…

2. Is it the employee who leaked BTS’ new song on Instagram last year??

3. Please be careful. Mistakes happen but this isn’t even the first time…

4. What kind of mistake is this?

5. Don’t ruin BTS’ image

6. I’m a fan of another group and I think it was just a mistake, but since there have been many mistakes before, I think the fans will be annoyed

7. Even if it was an honest mistake, literally the entire world is watching…

8. It’s a company that doesn’t have anyone with good skills other than BTS members..

9. Haters will take advantage of something like this so badly

10. The fans must have been so shockedă…‹ă…‹ă…‹

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