BTS reveals ‘2019 Summer Package’ preview … ‘Jimin’s fan’ -> ‘V’s traditional hat’, Traditional beauty

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1. [+795, -370] Jimin, I think he’s crazy. I’m so excited ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+702, -309] I want to meet BTS V. He’s so cool.

3. [+649, -280] BTS’ 2019 Summer Package in Korea is really cool.And Jimin looks great. The unique pictorial concept has the highest digestion power.

4. [+528, -221] BTS V! The combination of the West and the East looks really good…

5. [+452, -220] You can’t get out once you’ve fallen in love with BTS

6. [+482, -289] Look at BTS’ Jimin’s mood~ Jimin is holding a fan and giving off a great atmosphere! Jimin, who understands the concept and expresses it in 200%. Summer package~ We really look forward to the photos!

7. [+201, -102] BTS V has many attractive elements in his photos.

8. [+258, -105] BTS V is cool and pretty.

9. [+415, -264] Jimin’s fan looks good on him~

10. [+181, -84] Whenever I see Taehyung, he looks great. Looking at it, this year will definitely be BTS V’ year!^^ BTS V is naturally good at everything.

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