The moments that clearly show BTS’s Jungkook’s true personality

Jungkook shows how much he loves his hyungs through the lyrics of ‘Begin’.

At 2017 MAMA, When the staff members’ hands were full with cameras, cue sheet and other technical equipment, Jungkook stepped up to help by coiling up the wires.

At ‘Melon Music Awards 2017’. Jungkook picked up a loose light bulb on stage while walking up and placed it back in its proper position.

At ISAC 2017, Jungkook helped the crew members at the show pick up garbage left on the floor of the facility.

At M Countdown, while waiting for the results on stage, Jungkook helped the staff clean the running water on the stage floor.

Jungkook helped the public when they are carrying heavy items in stores that entertainers have frequented in the past.

Jungkook always greeted his fans gently on stage after concerts and awards ceremonies. He always bows 90 degrees

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1. Jungkook is the best and most professional idol I’ve ever seen

2. I’ve been watching Jungkook for many years, I think his personality is really good

3. Jungkook ah, don’t get hurt … I think he’s the best idol

4. Anyway, Jungkook is really good!!!!!!!!!!

5. Even if Jungkook doesn’t need to do that, he still does it. Every moment of Jungkook seems really good. His actions look so natural…

6. I like Jungkook so much

7. Jungkook has a handsome face but his personality is even better

8. I’m a fan of another group, I don’t know much about Jungkook but I think he’s so talented…

9. Jungkook always cares for and takes care of his fans. Jungkook really grew up well

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