The most shocking thing at the Melon Music Awards today

Zico – Any Song

‘Any Song’ was a big hit, but he got nothing but the Top 10 Artist

I know BTS did well with Dynamite, but it’s shocking that Zico didn’t get Best Rap/Hip Hop award…

original post: theqoo

1. So Zico didn’t win Best Rap/Hip Hop award, who got it???

2. To be honest, this year’s Song of the Year isn’t Zico’s Any Song..

3. It’s more shocking that Any Song isn’t Song of the Year

4. Some comments said that Zico should have gotten Song of the Year because BTS got so many other awards, are you guys crazy? BTS’ Dynamite deserves to be Song of the Year, Zico should have gotten Best Rap/Hip Hop..

5. Song of the Year is definitely BTS’ Dynamite, but it’s strange that Zico didn’t win Best Rap/Hip Hop

6. Isn’t that the best hit song this year,,,,

7. He didn’t receive it because he didn’t attend

8. The Best Rap/Hip Hop award is the problem, why do you guys keep talking about Song of the Year? Well, BTS antis are working really hard

9. Dynamite is the best song this year

10. Both Zico and BTS did well this year (((((Zico))))) (((((((BTS))))))

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