The OT9 reunion of I.O.I we will able to see

Choi Yoojung

Kim Sejeong

Kim Sohye


Im Nayoung

Kang Mina

Joo Kyulkyung

Kim Doyeon

Jung Chaeyeon

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1.I’m happy to be able to see Nayoung again

2. Kyulkyung?? She will not work in China anymore?

3. Wow everyone is too pretty ㅠㅠ

4. I am happy because IOI is back! I am sure the members will be happy and promote successfully because now they have a lot of experience. This is a world-class group. I hope Jin Young will produce another song for them.

5. I want to go to their concert

6. The combination of IOI members really crazy .. I want to go to their concert. I miss IOI so much.

7. It’s great to see IOI reunite after a long time. IOI fighting!!

8. I feel like there is no visual flaw in IOI.

9. I want to congratulate IOI fans. Let’s create beautiful memories together.

10. I will definitely buy IOI’s album this time

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