The place where idols are most unprotected and most exposed to malicious comments

Oppa, don’t look at malicious comments and only look at positive things.

Suga: Honestly, I don’t really care. I’m sorry but I rarely read hateful comments. You can write more. The company will take legal action about it. I don’t read it but the haters will be charged with cyberbullying, and there’s no mercy for them. Isn’t this the happy ending for everyone? I wish people to write some more.

The place where idols are most unprotected and most exposed to malicious comments


If idols don’t read comments under articles, communities, and SNS, they won’t see malicious comments.

But this is the level they can’t help but see
The problem is that there’s no way to punish people who leave malicious comments

In VLIVE, often the idols and their fans talk freely

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1. Seriously, VLIVE has a lot of malicious comments

2. There were many s*xual harassment comments during the live broadcast of the idols โ€ฆ Naver needs to filter malicious comments on VLIVE

3. Why don’t you talk to Naver? You can’t stop bad guys when you live stream on YouTube. There are lots of bad guys everywhere from VLIVE. This will not be resolved unless you hire your own comment manager.

4. So I only turn on the chat window when I write a comment โ€ฆ I don’t want to see anyone else’s comments

5. Naver is really trashโ€ฆ They don’t care about celebrities’ thoughts as long as they make money

6. Nate is even more trashy than VLIVE except that celebrities don’t read malicious comments from Nate

7. This is really a problem. This is why I often close VLIVE’s comment section

8. VLVE doesn’t have a real name system, no contact information, Naver needs to improve on these first

9. VLIVE seems to be getting worse because the idols can see malicious comments in real time .. Naver needs to do something to prevent this

10. There are too many comments during the broadcast of famous idols, so the comments are so fast that you may not see itโ€ฆ.ใ… ใ… 

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