TWICE Sana’s post on instagram

The post of TWICE Sana on instagram is big controversy in Korea

“As a person born in the Heisei era, I was very sad because the Heisei era was about to end, however, Heisei you worked hard, it was the beginning of the Reiwa era, so I will face the beginning and completion of this neat last day of the Heisei “

original post: theqoo

1.You should be prepared to bring Japanese fans back and return to Japan.

2. No but why is she mentioning this on their group’s official Instagram

3. She is a Japanese but she is also a singer in Korea and works in Korea.

4. Why did she post like this? Is she crazy?

5. I know that this is a big deal over Japan, but she’s promoting in Korea, She doesn’t need to post about it

6. Japanese people write in Japanese to speak to Japanese fans …

7. Is this something worth swearing over? I’m confused. This is her country, so she is talking about it. It’s not like Twice only have Korean fans, they also have a lot of Japanese fans.

8. If you are making money in Korea, don’t post such things

9. Honestly, people in Korea do not respect Japanese royalty because of colonial war.

10. She is Japanese and She will return to the country.

original post: naver

1.[+4734, -511] If you are going to make money in Korea, look at it, Japanese.

2. [+3580, -280] Why is it that Idol who is active in Korea tells us about the abdication of the Japanese emperor who declared the defeat of World War II? Just go to Japan.

3. [+2605, -218] Go to Japan.

4. [+2159, -201] Bye~ I’ll skip you from now on.

5. [+1646, -99] It’s not your Japanese account, but you wrote it in your official account in Korea?

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