The prettiest member in CLC

Who’s the first one who comes to your mind?????????





These 4 are usually the ones that get mentioned the most




CLC has pretty good visuals overall so people’s opinions are very divided. Who’s the member that’s fits your style the most??

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1. Eunbin is so pretty, but I like Yujin’s visual.

2. Yeeun, Seungyeon ㅠㅠ

3. I saw them at the concert. Everyone is pretty, but Eunbin is the prettiest for me

4. My hobby is Seungyeon

5. Elkie and Eunbin

6. The most prominent ones on stage are Elkie, Yeeun and Seungyeon

7. Yujin, Eunbin and Seungyeon still impress deeply at first sight … Everyone else is pretty but doesn’t stand out

8. Elkie is the prettiest, I also like Yeeun’s visual on stage

9. Eunbin is my hobby, but Elkie looks really pretty.

10. I think Elkie is the prettiest

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