The production manager of ‘Double Patty’ speaks up about Irene on Instagram

“A lot of people have been asking me about Irene. I believe this is due to me being the production manager (though I quit amidst the project).

To be frank, I don’t personally know Irene. We were on a project together but I only spotted her a few times during the pre-shooting and a couple of times on the set after we have started filming.

To give my two cents as many of you have asked, I believe this is more of an industry-wide problem rather than her own personality issue.

This might offend someone but I can see why some idols don’t behave when I see how their management team treats them.

Popular idols are cash cows of the company. It could be the contract renewal issue, and there could be more behind this, but it has been the industry’s general consensus to spoil their artist.

Think about how spoiled children or pets behave. You’d get the picture.

I’m not saying every celebrity who was pampered would be rude but the environment might have considerably affected someone’s behavior.

Mutual respect would be ideal, but there’s more to think about than simply pointing fingers at those idols.

Now, I can’t answer if Irene was a difficult person because I didn’t have any interactions to support that sentiment…

I hope there would be fewer personal attacks. I’ll delete my post if this further instigates the controversy.” #Irene #stopasking #Idk #sorry #filmcrew #Busanguy #DoublePatty #RedVelvet cr

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1. She’s already 30 years old, how can she blame others? She’s not a childㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I agree kids who debut when they are young can’t ignore the influence of those around them, but Irene who debuted late and she’s 30 years old but blames her agency…

3. But why not the other members? Basically her personality is really bad..

4. Inborn filthy personality + entertainment environmentㅋ

5. Irene debuted in the mid-20s. She’s 30 years old now. She’s not a teenager to be influenced by the environment, and if you are 30 years old, you are too mature

6. Basically it’s because of her personality. Not all SM artists are like that

7. But the Red Velvet members all live and work under the same environmental conditions, so it’s just her personality

8. Let’s boycott ‘Double Patty’

9. The company and her fans always shielded her… Even if she can’t sing live, can’t dance, can’t rap but the company doesn’t care about her skills, and fans always say their idols are good….

10. She’s not a 10 year old kid, it’s just her personality

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