The ranking of the most loved singers by Japanese high school girls

#1 BTS

original post: theqoo

1. Wow BLACKPINK is amazing

2. They don’t like NiziU..?

3. What about NiziU?? Didn’t they say that NiziU has surpassed TWICE’s popularity in Japan?

4. BTS is popular everywhere

5. Where are the people who say BLACKPINK is not popular in Japan? What is this?

6. The future of K-pop is bright

7. BLACKPINK’s rank is higher than TWICE???

8. BLACKPINK is higher than TWICE? I see a lot of TWICE fans who have never acknowledged BLACKPINK’s popularity in Japan.. Well, even if BLACKPINK doesn’t have any Japanese members, BLACKPINK’s rank is still higher than TWICE

9. BLACKPINK is so popular in Japan, but I’ve read a lot of articles saying they are not popular in Japan

10. Surprisingly, they prefer Korean singers to their country’s singersㅋㅋ

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