The reason SM put Aespa in the MV of the senior artists

The last part of NCT’s MV

The last part of SuperM’s MV

SM said that they will connect all the singers’ worldviews in the future

original post: theqoo

1. Crazy, I really hate this

2. This is annoying, I like each group to have their own worldview……………

3. SM, please stop

4. This is bullsh*t, how do you connect EXO’s alien concept?

5. Why? I just want to learn about the worldview of my favorite group, I don’t want to learn about another group’s worldview

6. Well, SM copies Marvel???

7. This is ridiculous, Lee Soo Man must really like Marvel

8. Lee Soo Manth is really jealous of Marvel..

9. SM is the worst agency

10. Which fandom wants to connect with other groups’ worldviews?

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