The reason why girl group = general public formula doesn’t work anymore

The first half of the 3rd generation of idol was so diverse in genres and concepts and every group were popular in their own way

Lively and bright

Bubby and funny

Chills and unique

Innocent and faint

Girlish and mysterious

Bright, cute and exciting

Gives the vibe of the unnies who likes to party

There used to be many different genres, and each genre had its own elements that made it so popular

There was a difference in popularity, but nonetheless, it was a vibrant market with plenty of choice.

But nowadays…

Everyone has this type of expression like “I’m looking down on you” + powerful + beat goes ‘koong koong koong koong’ + super strong choreography

Every girl group became one uniform genre

They killed variety and I feel like the industry is on the verge of bankruptcy

original post: theqoo

1. Obviously you don’t know much about female idols

2. I don’t care about female idols, but just looking at the Melon chart, the genre of female idol songs is too diverse

3. I don’t agree at all

4. On the contrary, I think the genre of female idol songs is becoming more and more diverse…

5. The girl group’s recent songs are lacking in popularity..?? Nowadays, there are more popular female idols than male idols in Korea… In which world are you living alone?

6. Looks like all the girl groups are becoming BLACKPINK… Girl crush concept, pretty and kind unnies

7. Among the songs on the chart right now, STAYC and Oh My Girl’s songs are cute and refreshing…

8. Oh My Girl, Aespa, TWICE, STAYC.. If you look at the female idols on the chart right now, they are all different in concept and genre

9. I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand what you’re saying

10. ? You don’t look at female idols these days

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