The reason why people are cursing SMTOWN on Weibo currently

The reason why people are cursing SMTOWN on Weibo currently

The reason is

1. The Japanese version of Jonghyun and Taeyeon’s “Breath” is sung by Changmin and Krystal but the actual performance was done by Doyoung and Wendy.
-> Why it’s done by juniors when they have original singers there

2. Getting a notice that Baekhyun’s solo stage has a featuring
-> Why does he need someone else when he is more than enough able to do it alone

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1. Are you trying to create a controversial issue?

2. For 1, it’s the company’s concert, Is it likely to happen…? I don’t know

3. 1, In that situation. Perhaps Changmin and Crystal have problems so Doyoung and Wendy sing instead of them.
2, What’s wrong when Baekhyun sang with someone else, they ask as if they are thugs.

4. I guess Changmin and Crystal don’t have time to practice.

5. If I’m a fan of Changmin, Crystal or Baekhyun, I will be angry.

6. 1 is probably because it’s a company concert

7. Fans who want to see original singers will feel uncomfortable.

8. Fans want to see Crystal sing after a long time, so fans feel sad.

9. I think they can do it … If you sing at a solo concert or group concert and create another stage, it might be a bit disappointing, but I think if it’s a concert of the whole company, that is possible

10. I don’t like it if I’m a fan of original singers.

11. They spent money to go to the concert to see their favorite singers sing, but the concert was a mess. That is why they are angry.

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