The reason why people say that Aespa NingNing’s avatar looks like BLACKPINK’s Lisa

As soon as her avatar was revealed, many people said they thought of Lisa.
181225 If you look at Lisa from SBS Gayo Daejun, you can see that the outfits are similar.

Look at this

original post: theqoo

1. SM seems to be referencing that outfit… but there’s no reason for SM to create her avatar inspired by Lisa

2. I don’t know, especially the face is just NingNing

3. It’s like Lisa’s avatar, not NingNing’s

4. BLACKPINK members all have good fashion sense, I think Lisa’s fans must feel bad

5. I don’t know… The face looks more like NingNing than Lisa

6. Well, SM created the avatar for Lisa, not NingNing

7. I think that avatar looks a lot like Lisa, from her hair to the facial expression, the makeup and the outfit on her body

8. Is Lee Soo Man a fan of Lisa?

9. I guess SM craves Lisa, then they choose a girl and make her avatar look like Lisa

10. Lisa even looks prettier than that avatar