The reason why Seoul Music Awards’ votes is controversial

Initially, the recipient for every genre category was supposed to be selected based on the decisions of the board committee members (40%), album/digital sales (30%), and global online votes (30%).

However, on the day of the actual event, the organizers announced that for every genre and the ‘Discovery of the Year’ award, the recipients had been selected purely based on the decisions of the board, a committee comprised of music experts.

All the votes had been amassed through a system that charges a fee; every ‘voting ticket’ had been sold through an app that presents a ticket every time you watch five ads. cr

original post: theqoo

1. ?? I paid and voted and suddenly they changed their criteria?

2. Please return my money

3. Why is the Seoul Music Awards controversial every year? Up to this point, I think just stop holding this award ceremony

4. Only a mistake? Do you think taking money from fans and then saying that the caption was merely a mistake is a light matter?

5. That’s why I didn’t vote…

6. No, are you crazy? Why did you manipulate paid voting?

7. The votes don’t seem to make sense, they’re just giving an award to the person they want…

8. This happens every year…

9. Scammers, let’s stop voting for the awards ceremony

10. That is why you should not spend money on voting

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