The reason why the Idol industry is constantly interested in Southeast Asia


Total views 1.75B and Cities where there are most views





The 3rd generation idol group, YouTube is used as a very important indicator.

Most hits are actually from Southeast Asian countries, even if they hold English-speaking countries.

Also, even if the fare is a bit low, most idols cann’t ignore Southeast Asia because this is the market where the world tour can be done the most.

original post: theqoo

1.No, I don’t think so, but Southeast Asian countries only watch YouTube instead of TV.

2. Instead of listening to copyrighted music and buying albums. Southeast Asian fans listen to music on YouTube.

3. That’s right, because Southeast Asia’s population is 650 million.

4. Well, there’s no place for them to listen to music except on YouTube.

5. They listen to music on Youtube because they don’t have money.

6. Thailand is the world’s largest country in terms of smartphone usage.

7. They continue to listen to songs on YouTube. It is not annoying and uncomfortable because of advertising?

8. In Philippines, Momoland is so famous. Like Gangnam Style.

9. Kpop is really popular in Southeast Asia. It has been popular since 3 years ago, but now it will be even more popular. Running Man is also so popular and thanks to Kpop, Southeast Asians really like Korean people ..

10. If you look at spotify, Southeast Asian fans will use YouTube instead of music apps. Korea will be like Southeast Asia in the future.

11. The population of Southeast Asia is large

12. You should start your YouTube project in Southeast Asia

13. But listening to a song on YouTube is included in the copyright fee. I also listen to music collections on YouTube.

14. If you think about YouTube, Southeast Asia is a market you can’t ignore right now.

15. It seems that Kpop is so popular in Southeast Asia! The first example is that Kpop can be loved even in other languages. It’s good to be popular everywhere.

16. There are many ads in Southeast Asia, but advertising costs are too small.

17. ASEAN has been a great potential market and it is worth investing in it. It is beneficial for Korea so it is better to be friendly with Southeast Asia.