The reservation system for Big Hit’s new building benefits BTS as they are shareholders of Big Hit

original post: theqoo

1. Without BTS, there wouldn’t be a building, practice rooms, chairs worth 1 million won.. But looking at the way they’re treating BTS, I’m disappointed

2. But this is a little annoying. How much will BTS receive from the fee for using the practice rooms? BTS’s stake is 1%, right?

3. 90% of HYBE’s profits come from BTS. Of course they should treat BTS better

4. I thought Big Hit would provide each group with at least one practice room they could use at any timeㄷㄷ

5. Well, people seem to be very interested in Big Hit

6. Honestly, even if they hand over the building to BTS, no one can complain about it;;;

7. How much is BTS’s stake? 90% of Big Hit’s revenue comes from BTS, but BTS has to pay to rent the practice rooms..? This is crazy

8. BTS is a world-class star but doesn’t have their own practice room?????? Are you kidding me?

9. It’s a really weird company

10. BTS members are shareholders of Big Hit, Big Hit earns money by renting practice rooms = BTS also earns money = The reservation system is good. What is this logic??

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